So this year’s goal is to strip as much weight from the Beretta for autocross.

Abby makes 120hp and has a dry weight of 2750 lbs. In keeping with Chapman tradition, every piece not necessary for racing is going bye bye. Except exterior GFX because racing isn’t just about going fast, you gotta look cool while doing it!

It was 30 degrees outside, perfect temp for stripping the rear. That removed roughly 53 lbs from the chassis. I used a cheap dial scale so weights are approx:

All weights are in lbs.
Aftermarket USB only radio: 1
Rear seat 2 pieces+sound deadening backing: 23
Interior quarter panels 4 pieces: 14
Rear speakers 2 pieces: 4
Rear deck panel: 4
Headliner: 2
Lap belts rear: 2
miscellaneous sound deadening: 3


I have a lot more to on this front and perusing the Porsche forums have given me great ideas. Those guys are fanatics when it comes to shaving weight! My goal is at least 150 lbs in weight savings which would probably only equate in just tenths of a second. Because Racecar.