About Automation and Peugeot engines

Will be long and uninteresting for most of you, so here's a nice pic for your clicking troubles.

So, the other day i read about this Automation thing that's been harped around here, and thought to give it a go. Started with the engines of the Peugeot 505, because that's the car i want more horsepower in. First looked at the 2.2 injection OHC, that's laying around in the garage, and in the end i got a working design that got specs pretty closely modelling the real thing, and then gone on to wring more power out of it. In the end i maxed it out at a street-usable 160 HP with long headers, a wee bit of extra bore, ITBs, programmed EFI and hotter cam. I would be happy with that, and i think it's possible to do, but would cost quite a bit, maybe prohibitively so. So then i thought let's look at the wheezy OHV 2.0 carb that's in the car right now. And this is where my mind got seriously blown.


I know little about the specs of the 2.2 (called the Douvrin, or in factory nomenclature: ZDJ engine) but still more than about the venerable OHV four. It's called the XN1, and the X-series of engines have a long and winding history in various Peugeot products in various parts of the world, but i never looked that much into that. Partly because it's really hard to do; there's precious little info on this motor on the WWW. But because i wanted to set up a working model in Automation, this time i kept looking. And then i found that in Australia, of all places, there is a camshaft engineering company called Wade, that seems to have produced three versions of hotter cams for X engines - stage 3 being all-out motorsports! And there is a page, in a far fetched corner of the web, listing the specifications of these cams. How improbable is that?

Now this don't mean the XN1 would turn into a fire-breathing monster - even the stage 3 gets no more than 155 ponies or thereabouts, and the cam i should be looking at, the stage 1, will not get me more than 110 in the best case. That's what the factory basic spec of the 2.2 injection engine is, so i would really don't get far on this course. However, all this needs is the cam, a bit of polish on the inlet and exhaust ports, maybe machine a bit from the head to get higher compression, and tuning the carb. However, a new head is also a must. Because XN1 engines have siamesed inlet ports, that just won't do, so i would need the head and inlet manifold from an XN1A - the same engine, still carb, but separate inlets for all four cylinders.

This sounds just as complicated as getting the Douvrin up to scratch, but it's still worth to think about, because even starting on the injection engine would cost a lot, as it needs a complete overhaul, and needs to be dropped in the car - complete with rewiring and new fuel pumps, because switching from carb to injection. So if i could find a cheap XN1A head, i might be better off upgrading the engine i got in the car, tuned up and working. This is the head i'm looking for, and the carb looks very much like the solex i got now:


The problem? I have yet to find a source for an XN1A head. I haven't got a clue where to go. Any ideas?

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