About drive modes

The only two acceptable “drive modes” in modern cars are: the most aggressive sporty one and the most aggressive economy one.

I know it sounds like a load of shit to most people, but modern cars are really taking advantage of electric throttles via the drive modes. So you should only use the two most aggressive settings. I use eco mode 90% of the time, and my consumption didn’t actually go down that much, but eco mode coaches me into driving less aggressively and calmer. It makes my car feel a lot less powerful so I’m more relaxed.


On the other hand Sport+ mode keeps the revs around 2.5-3k ; right when the turbos are ready to work. So if you feel like acting like an idiot you can do it in Sport+

Comfort is sort of the least useful mode. It numbs the car a bit, sure, but it’s kind of annoying because you get neither the discouragement of Eco nor the responsiveness of Sport+

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