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About exhaust design.

The new G20 has symmetrical exhaust tips in all configurable models it seems, except the M340i. I suppose it’s an aesthetic choice.

I think that the E90 and the F30 changed the way BMW used exhausts to differentiate their cars from a single tip in the 315i, two tips on one side for the 328i, and two pipes on either end for the 335i, up to two tips on each side for the M3. It made spotting up-badgers quite easy. But it was also kind of weird, the 335d was faster than the 335i but it had the more common two tips on one side rather than one tip per side.


I guess that with the new G20 they cared a little bit more for aesthetics (since in older models those engines did not need that exhaust configuration) with the normal models, since the M-sport model has the “special” twin exhausts. I suppose the M3 is going to have quad exhausts as it has had since the E46.

I guess that, rather than judgmental, we should be thankful that they didn’t go full-kia and give a four cylinder car four exhaust pipes.

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