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I think we know where this is going. Jump, Or look at this beautiful car! 

Beyond Dr. Blasey Ford’s testimony, beyond the wrongdoing by both sides and the politicization of the hearing, or political leanings... Kavanaugh doesn’t seem fit to serve in the Supreme court on attitude alone.


I don’t know about you, but to me a justice must have the patience and nuance to understand even a shitty situation like Kavanaugh’s without going nuts on Senators. He lost his cool and made everything way too personal not a great way to leave a good impression on the people meant to vote you in. Also, saying it’s a smear campaign by the left? By saying so I think he removed any credible shred of impartiality he had, which I think is very important for the bench he’s trying to be sat in.

Does the Supreme Court really need a Justice that holds such a grudge to a political group? Would Kavanaugh recuse himself when cases of electoral law, campaign finance or districting come to the court? If he must given his grudge againts a large political group, doesn’t that make him kind of... useless?

Plus, he’s perjured himself at times; it doesn’t seem like a great catch, specially compared to the hundreds of judges who are probably more professional and who have, you know, not perjured themselves in the past.

This isn’t only about Kavanaugh: in a sense the Supreme Court has been abused by political parties all the time and the partizan split has turned apparent. Some Justices are comically casual about their very important job: Hell, somehow a discussion around torture ended up including the film Die Hard.

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