* gets in his car, starts engine, enters destination address in his GPS

Navigation: "Please follow the highlighted route. But first, McDonalds is offering $5 big breakfast McRibs! Get yours today, off Rosselle Avenue and 25th!"


Me: God damn ads.

* drives for a few blocks

Navigation: "In 1 mile, turn left. Do you feel bloated and tired? At the GI Institute, our team of experts can help your constipation using our advanced anal probing technology, to correctly assess your... / Turn left.... Recalculating.... Make a U-turn, when it's safe."

Me: God damn ads.

* does not make a U-turn, takes a side street to get back into the correct road

Navigation: "In 1 mile, turn right, and immediately left. Banks calling you? Collectors knocking on your door? Feeling alone against the IRS? Call the Law Office of George, Michaels, And Bluth for your free consultation! Call 1-800-LOAN-A.../ Turn right.... Recalculating... Make a U-turn when it's safe."


* punches GPS unit


I'll be honest, I'm not looking forward to a (near) future wherein ads are streamed towards me while I'm driving. It's bad enough that I hate receiving spam in my email, and telemarketers calling me pisses me off. If they offer this as a very premium add-on that I can check off my car configuration, I might be ok.

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