Well shit. Shitting shit shit shit. While I was out on my Top Gear cheap car challenge, things kinda went to hell at home.

I got a call the first Wednesday of the trip. My neighbor’s tree fell on my garage. The garage that I safely tucked my project Saab, my SO’s Cabby (from the last Top Gear trip), and my limited edition Volvo C30. Yeah... that garage.

The prognosis was grim. The tree, which was about 100 years old, had squished the garage in such a way it was unlikely they could remove the tree without causing the garage to collapse. Furthermore, they couldn’t move the cars because several large limbs were in the way. Those limbs couldn’t be removed because they were actually holding up the trunk and preventing it from causing the garage to collapse. Sort of a catch 22.


I made the call for them to do what they could and called the insurance companies.


Luckily, the were able to use a temporary steel support and a crane to hold the weight of the trunk for removal, and the garage still stands. Furthermore, the project Saab and Cabby were mostly unharmed. The Volvo took light damage to the hood, but otherwise I appear to have made it out of this pretty easy.

Now I’m faced with a situation where I have eight cars at my household (Yes, eight. Don’t judge) a leaning garage, and a huge hole in my fence.


Oh and the crane setup in my garden, so I’ve lost this years crop of peppers.

Things aren’t looking good, if I’m honest. I mean yes, I do have insurance and it will cover most of the damage, but not all of it. Furthermore it has been almost a month since this all went down, and I still haven’t seen a quote from any of the contractors I’ve contacted. Apparently nailing down a contractor is akin to herding cats.


Wish me luck!

The Alfa got lucky!