If it was brought for the D.C. Auto Show, then I'm thinking that my dad actually drove that car at the Cadillac Ride 'N' Drive event when we went to the show this past Saturday. It's the same color, too!


Granted, I'm not totally sure, as I can't remember whether the Vsport at the event had the same red and black interior or an all-black interior (we drove the CTS4 2.0T as well). Additionally, while the guy we drove with mentioned that summer tires were standard equipment, I don't remember him saying that they were actually on the car. He did tell my dad to be careful, but he'd also mentioned that the Vsport was RWD-only in the same breath. I think it's reasonable to assume that it did have winter tires, though, considering how damn cold it's been lately and how summer tires don't take well to low temperatures.

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