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About those speed bumps

As I posted earlier, my HOA is planning to put in speed bumps in our neighborhood. The email debate has been raging all day, and the drama level is increasing as people get more emotional. I don’t like speed bumps, but this is all making me want to find out what is really known about how these affect cars and communities.

What do they do to a car’s suspension driving them day in and day out? Bumps are worse than humps from what I’ve seen.


Do speed bumps slow emergency vehicles appreciably?

Do people really slow down or just accelerate between the bumps and become more dangerous?


Do these bumps have any influence on home values?

I’m researching and will keep doing so. Some of you made some great comments and suggestions on my previous post, especially about how discontinuous humps slow traffic without obstructing bicycles. If any of you have any more data our resources to add, I’d appreciate it. I want to go to the board with useful information so that if they really do this, that it’s as benign as possible. Link to previous post:

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