Are these fine beauties, headed to Miami.

1 Guilia

3 4C’s Red, Yellow & Blue

2 Vipers Black & Orange

3 Maseratis Tan, Black & White

Also the Escape, but thats not a Jalop worthy car.

The Guilia was some shit to get. Had to talk to like 5 different people and have proof it was actually leaving and paid for, just to get the key. Then got hassled all over again to get it out the gate.


The dealer is a friend of one of my regular clients. I was asked to transport these as a favor and I would be taken care of for doing so.

Had to double check my insurance amounts for my cargo to make sure if anything did happen, I wouldn’t lose everything. These arent cheap regular cars. If i had to guess what they brought at auction, the Viper or 4c would be my guess for the cheaper ones.


If you see a red and black Peterbilt hauling ass with this load, its me. Going to drive there, deliver tomorrow, spend til Monday morning and get some coming back from Atlanta heading back to Louisville and be close enough to home to just go home empty and not worry about it.

If you do see me, no test drives, no slobbering or drooling on or in them. Keys will be locked up and a 45 caliber will make sure they stay safe.

You’d be surprised how often car haulers are truck jacked for the cars on them. Especially carrying cars like this.