The new front rim is on, front brake rotors are bent to all hell, and new ones are on the way.

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My roomates come back from vacation tomorrow, so I had to clean up the garage and put the bike on the side so we can fit my roomates mustang in there, which makes it a little more difficult to work on it, but I’ll figure it out.

A bolt kit comes in on Thursday, along with the brake rotors. That’s the last pieces I need to replace from everything I can tell so far. I need to get some rubber coolant hose to attach the overflow bottle and hide the hose behind the frame, and then begin the dreaded task of chopping down the stock wiring harness to a more reasonable length, tucking and hiding al the wires, heat shrinking and taping everything to waterproof it, and I guess I should bolt that fender up now that I’m looking at the picture.

  • install bar end weights
  • fabricate, paint, and install speedometer mount
  • buy and install new front brake rotors
  • fabricate, paint, and install extended headlight mount
  • buy and install headlight (see above)
  • modify and reroute front wiring
  • buy and install coolant overflow bottle
  • buy and install horn
  • buy and install some sort of mirrors
  • torque down all bolts
  • finalize handlebar and control positions
  • paint radiator black
  • finalize vinyl design
  • learn how to fiberglass and build a cafe tail that uses the stock mounting points for the stock tail, and can use the stock seat or seat cover
  • buy, modify, paint, and install front fender
  • install front rim
  • buy and install new lighting and signal switches
  • fix or replace brake cylinder/lever (currently won’t activate the brake switch)
  • mount grips
  • attempt to un-dent the tank with fire and ice
  • repaint tank after melting paint attempting to un-dent tank
  • Buy and install new clutch and brake levers (maybe)
  • install that fuel line clip I forgot on the high-pressure line

I should also really pull the akro sticker and rear rim reflective tape off, but that’s a problem for future me. Now me is worried about some dinner and beer, and also fondly remembering the dank whoolie I pulled on the way home on the gsxr hitting balance point, and covering the rear brake.

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