So Patrick spends three nights in jail, and Marion Barry will (probably) go untouched.

"If that Mondeo didn't have suburb ride and handling, and be so luxurious with all the maple and leather, this would have never happened." then he added, "What a wicked thing to do."

Marion Barry, the former mayor and current D.C. Council member, has racked up more than $2,800 in unpaid parking and speeding tickets on his Jaguar since 2012, according to city records.

The DMV Web site says that the District's Department of Public Works boots or tows vehicles with two or more unpaid tickets more than 60 days old. Barry was allowed to keep driving his car despite owing the city for 21 separate tickets totaling $2,824.

Between August 2013 and June 2014, Barry garnered eight $205 tickets for failing to display current tags — a citation often written for vehicles found with an expired registration sticker. One of those tickets was written at 1350 Pennsylvania Ave. NW, the address of the John A. Wilson Building, the District's city hall.