Today marks the 20th time that one of my suggestions was the #1 choice for the AOTD. (19th if you choose not to include my inclusion during the Jalopnik Superleggera days when I got one because I was the only person to make a suggestion).

This would be the 115th time one of my suggestions has been selected (yes, I still keep track).

Ten insanely badass tuner cars - HPA Beetle
Ten most awesome roadside eats - Manifold cooking (#1)
Ten most awesome Junkyards - AMARC (#1)
Ten coolest celebrity car owners - Nick Mason (#1)
Ten Cleverest ways to get drivers to slow down - Naked Women on side of road (#1)
The Ten Best Cars For Driving Insane Distances - Volvo P1800 (#1)
Top Ten Warning Signs A Used Car’s A Terrible Deal - Shady Sellers (#1)
The best car of SEMA 2012 - VW Vortex New New Beetle - (#1 - ONLY SUGGESTION - Jalopnik Superleggera)
The Ten Most Ridiculous Car Myths - Jet Fuel Makes Cars Go Faster (#1)
The Ten Worst Things That Can Happen To You In A Car - Hitting a Pedestrian (#1)
The Most Ridiculous Limited-Edition Supercars Ever Made - Mega Track (#1)
The Ten Best Last Cars You’ll Ever Buy - Mercedes S-Class (#1)
The Ten Happiest Cars Ever Made - OG Mini (#1)
The World’s Ten Most Remote Roads - M56 Kolyma Highway, Russia (#1)
The Ten Most Boring Car Companies - Honda (#1)
The Ten Best Smartphone Car Games - Real Racing (#1)
Ten Awesome Secret Car Hacks - Hidden compartments as extra security - Alfred Anaya (#1)
Ten Cars Even Non-Car People Can’t Help But Love - OG Mini (#1)
The Ten Coolest Campers Ever Made - Unimog
The Ten Most Complicated Car Engines Ever Made - Adams-Farwell Radial (#1)
The Ten Cars That Improved The Most Over Time - Hyundai Sonata (#1)
The Ten Least Car Like Cars Ever Made - Mazda Suitcase Car (#1)