GT racing is an exclusive club of the big names in sportscar racing. Porsche, Ferrari, Corvette, Aston Martin and Viper are battling in various GTE championships, and GT3 has pretty much every premium band supplying customer cars.

And now, AC Automotive, the company that has been bought an sold to various owners so often that it ended up in Saxony, announced a return to GT racing.

The press release states that they are still evaluating whether to go full GTE or GT3, and that the International GT Open and Le Mans 24h are the long term goals.

While I don't believe we will ever witness the car becoming more than the rendering seen above, GTE racing has seen a number of odd entries. The Morgan Aero 8 entries in GT2 and GT3 actually were rather similar: an ancient sportscar somehow modified to comply with modern racing rules.


While the Spyker might be more modern, it sill was odd to see a manufacturer appear in Le Mans that barely sold any cars at all. At least they were a beautiful addition to the grid, especially the proposed 2012 facelift looks mighty impressive (and unreal).