Time to sweat and drink beer! This is one of my favorites and relatively cheap for a good import. Thankfully it was a a cool summer day for us today (104F). My house seems to have peaked at 84F which is pretty tolerable with 0% humidity. Also, does anyone know if I can use a blower fan motor meant for an evap cooler in an air handler (same hp and voltage specs)? It’s not the condenser motor, just the air handler motor. Fucking Home Depot only stocks evap fan motors despite is being 2017 and none of our HVAC supply places are ope on weekends. My house actually had both an AC and an evap hooked up when I moved in, but I sold the evap (fuck me). It could be worse. I once came home from vacation to a broken AC after a week of 110F+ days. The house was at around 95F. That kind of sucked. What is everyone else drinking tonight.