What is the sound of one piston slapping?
What is the sound of one piston slapping?

Sadly, it was only posted on Facebook so no video link. Happened in Hamilton, Ontario - I'm actually here in downtown Hamilton on a business trip.

Read here: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10…

I seriously worry about how many people they've scammed this way!

Feel free to share and promote the awareness of this fraudulent garbage.

This dash camera paid for itself on Monday when two "gentlemen" decided to reverse into my car on private property and demand that I fix it, stating I rear-ended them. Without this video proof who could have argued that they reversed? You can see how immediately aggressive these guys, especially the passenger right after the incident.

These fraudulent accidents aren't new, I recommend everyone invest $80 into the security and protection in the event they experience this. They damaged the headlight, bumper and hood, which would have become my expense if I didn't have video proof.

** The video quality is poor only when HD isn't selected in the playback settings. This camera actually records in full 1080p hi-def. In the original video you can *clearly* read the plate number and their faces **

They were told about the camera seconds after they attempted to blame me and they were still belligerent. It did change the "you're paying to ill pay cash for the damage" very quickly. Although they tried to say I was too close and my wheels weren't turned the right way (I still haven't figured out what that has to do with anything). The last excuse the driver gave me was there was an older lady trying to cross the sidewalk. I watched the video countless time, and still fail to locate grandma. Moments after we left the scene he did call me from the same number he gave me saying they were from Hamilton Police. After asking for the name and badge number twice he hung up.


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