Pic related as it’s my usual hat I wear to cover my helmet hair since I’m a vain, sassy diva

I did update my patch, as you guys can see, I figure it’s a little more accurate.


Update on injuries: Pretty sure my right hand is broken, at least fractured a metacarpal... can’t hold a pen to write without pain. I see the orthopedic surgeon for a follow up again in a bit, I’ll be bringing that up. When I saw him right after my last post I found out that not only did I fracture my Tibia Plateau, but my Fibula Plateau as well, fun times. No cast, no surgery to fix the bones as it’s relatively minor, but I definitely did some damage to a muscle or ligament, there is a worry about possible ACL damage as well, and some of those might just require surgery which I will not be looking forward to.

I’ve been in a knee immobilizer and on crutches for the past few weeks, not the worst in the world, just aggravating. I haven’t been on painkillers other than Japanese Whiskey or beer since day 3. I don’t like percoset, doesn’t work that well on me and it can be addictive. No concussion or signs of it, no mental blocks either, haven’t swung my leg over the GSXR 1k in the garage because I can’t swing my leg, but I’ll be riding again when I’m physically able to. My replacement helmet came in (I bought another HJC RPHA 70ST since this one did so well) and I got a better look at the bike damage:

The missing chunk of metal circled in red is the frame... the good news is it’s safely repairable. When I’m able to pull the tank off the bike (School is coming to an end and I’m literally using this post to procrastinate my 10-page research paper due in literal hours) I’ll be checking for additional frame damage, so far no signs of anything except the above chunk, basically the speedometer mount that got ripped off. There’s a structural aluminum welder I spoke to who said that should be a repairable part, and that guy knows more than me since he repairs aluminum wheels for a living.

The plan is still a cafe fighter, big 7 or 8-inch single headlight, sportbike clip ons, new mirrors, no fairings, and replace the busted front end with stock replacement parts, also replace or fix the gas tank.