I could have hurt someone pretty bad last night. I am still looking to come to a resolution with my own mind if I was in the wrong. I went into town to go get some pizza. I was actually hyper conscious of cyclists, waving many on because I knew they were going to zip through the stop sign anyhow. But anyhow I parked, I looked in my door mirror to make sure there was noone coming, and it was dark. Should have seen a light if anyone was coming. I open the door and BANG a cyclist going down the hill hits it, without a front or rear light on his bike. Luckily he was wearing a helmet because his bike went out into the street, he gets flung all the way to the car in front of me. Somehow all it screws up is his bell on his bike. He immediately starts taking pictures of my car and the scene as I am trying to make sure he is ok. The he finally says he is alright but leave everything as it is because he is going to call the cops. Then I get pissed because I smell a lawsuit. My town is very friendly towards all pedestrians, even in the wrong. I reminded him that it is the law to have a light front and rear on his bike after sundown and he decides he doesn't want a ticket. I pay for his bell which was a couple of bucks, he leaves. Now I get to the Mercedes, the window frame is bent and the door wont latch. I took out a hammer and beat the check strap mounting back into "place" and was able to bend the window frame back just enough to get it shut. Lost some trim from the overextension. Just one more reason I need to move out of town. People just don't pay attention. I don't see this as being my fault if I cannot see you, and I looked, but I could be wrong? I am still pretty shook up, but I still dont see how he made it so unscathed also. Below is the damage, think I can bend most of it back into shape for the time being


how the door frame sits fully closed:


Door check mounting all out of shape


Door is striking funny now too: