I got to my car yesterday morning and there was a ticket on my windshield. I had the whole month of July to get an inspection and spent the whole month saying “I’ll do it tomorrow.” Well, that’s $40 I needed right out the window.

So after work, I went to the closest inspection garage and got it done. I looked across the street at a burrito shop and some muscle cars were rolling in...mid-60's Mustangs. I looked up again and decided, I need to go over.

Apparently it’s a group of friends who meet up every Wednesday and just show their cars off to each other. Took a couple pics before my phone died. Excuse the quality and general lack of content because I had no idea what I was pointing at thanks to glare off the screen.


And of course I didn’t get pictures of the ‘65, ‘66 or ‘70 Mustangs. The ‘66 was for sale.