How does that work out? Is the car usually insured under the Dealership insurance? Is it on you?

Let’s say you found a lovely 2017 Scheiß-Braun Audi Q7 TDi to replace your aging white 2009 Q7 V12 S-Line and the salesperson wanted to sell that car so much they suggested you take it home for the weekend.

So you, as an Audi driver, decide to take the almost-yours 2017 Q7 to your lovely daughter Kayakina’s organic badminton practice.

On the way there, 98 year old Jedediah Old Republican Man rear-ends you with his 2002 Chevy Silverado because he was distracted with Jesus radio.


Jedediah dies because he don’t believe in no God damn healthcare. He waited for Jesus to save him, but Jesus wasn’t there.

So now you have to call Big Billy’s Audi, Guns and Golf Club store and face Social-Anxiety, their sales manager.


How do things play out with the dealership?

It’s fair to say your insurance would not cover damages to a car that wasn’t yours/ on your policy if you were driving it.