How would you define that? It always seems like a million dollar question to me.

Mission Accomplished: Bear placed in car.

The resume writer over at career counselling took my resume in, and immediately put a giant line asking what my accomplishments are, right above all my responsibilities.


Except I don’t have an answer. Zip. Nada.

I mean, sure, it’s supposed to be stuff that you did at work, and more specifically what benefit you brought to the organization, and make a brand sparkling banner with. But the fact is, in my point of view I’m just doing my job. I’m paid to do it... it’s nothing to take home about. I just do a good job and go home, end of story. I know it’s a career-ender with this kind of mindset.

But I just don’t know how I feel otherwise. And it’s not just one, but many first time I got this. My friend reviewing my resume back then, even coworkers and bosses sometimes, that I’m always underselling and underestimating myself. I just have the habit of keeping my mouth shut unless I know the answer for sure, and still deep down second-guessing things (OK, fine, I’m a bit more open and get into FP comments with occasional alternative facts in my head...). It’s been like this for years, more like ever since I started and has grown “worse” over years.

I’m not entirely sure how to get myself out of this hole I dug for myself.

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