Well, I had a few minutes to dig into the Accord ABS lights/module again. There is definitely an electrical element there. I found a TSB for the ABS Ground stating that there is an issue where corrosion creates an intermittent ground which can trigger a 51 code.

So i decided to check that ground even though that would be pointless. I mean it had to be fairly pointless since I just had Honda test the ABS Module, but I might as well just to rule it out.

Disconnect the battery, and I put the 10mm wrench on the bolt. Oh, that wasn’t torqued down at all, maybe a bit more than finger tight, but not much. That could be a bit of an issue. Still, I’ll run it out, and look at the connector.

Hmm... connector’s a little dull, but not corroded; I’ll polish it real quick anyway. Then I looked at the bolt;

@#($R^ tech. Really, is it so hard to polish the bolt, or just put a new one in. is it really that hard to understand that the connector is not going to be making the ground through the painted body, but through the bolt? Fat lot of good it does to clean the connector, but not the captive washerand bolt.


Makes me wonder if the old module was ok.

After polishing the connector, tightening down a new bolt, and reconnecting the battery I cleared the codes again, and test drove it. The ! stayed on, but the ABS light never turned on.

That’s good. I’ll redo the neutral memorization. Well, @#@$. That triggered the code 51 on the test drive.


Cleared it. Did not re-do neutral mem. still threw code.

Repeated the above, and no code on test drive to pick up Mexican food, but ! and TCS lights were on.

Started car with Mexican, once the car hit 15 mph the ABS light came on.

So I must have more electrical to sort out. I started the car with the reader hooked up to see what the alternator is outputting, and saw 14.25 volts so that should be alright.


Sigh, at least the burrito was good.