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Accord Has No Warning Lights

Oh Frapcious Day!

I feel like Fudderwacking. After the previous update, where I cleaned the ground to body connection, the Honda’s ABS was working. The TCS was not though, and attempting to reset the neutral memorization would result in the ABS coding.

Well, this afternoon I decided to disconnect the ABS electrical connector once more, and it evidently needed to be reseated with a good ground, because after I did that, cleared the codes and the neutral memorization this is my dash after a 10 minute test drive (speeds up to 30mph, panic stops, and pedal to the floor take offs):


I’ll watch it for the next week, and pray it doesn’t come back to haunt me.

Oh, I finally found new struts for the hood I could afford, so no more 2x4 hood prop for it either.

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