Just dropped it off at the dealership. They should tell me either today or tomorrow what they found. I’ve been thinking about what was going on.

Between D, D3, 2, and 1, the transmission wouldn’t move. Normally you’d be able to feel it changing gear, but in this case it was nothing. This is probably a good sign, because maybe it’s the shift solenoid or speed sensor, basically something minor and cheap that controls the transmission. If it was actually catastrophic transmission failure, then it would at least try to engage gear, wouldn’t it?

Also, it’s only at ~118,000 miles. A transmission failure, even for this car, shouldn’t happen so early. The recall went through and the transmission was replaced long before I got it. Also it’s running Genuine Honda ATF-DW1 fluid, not some off-brand ATF-DW1/Z1 *equivalent*.


This gives me hope. I don’t have much money to buy a replacement car. Even Zoidberg’ Tercel doesn’t seem too certain.

So in the words of the great shitposting masters, pls pray 4 me.

The 3.0 in its former glory