Accord update

Thankfully nothing catastrophic happened today.

So since I got the Accord running again the audio system, one speaker and the head unit, wasn’t working right. I pulled the radio out and all the connections and such were fine. But it back in and it worked, however when I was driving I made a U-turn which caused it to cut out for sec. It was on and off from then on. It appears that how the radio is positioned in the hole is affecting this. So tomorrow I’ll actually mount it on brackets like it’s suppose to be and hopefully that will solve the issue.


My theory for it, is that I stripped some of the wires further than the butt connector covers them, so when the radio slides around the exposed wire hits some metal and grounds out instead of carrying the signal to the speaker.

I also reconnected the second wire I cut when dealing with the horn debacle. That didn’t get the cruise control to work, but I never tried to see if it worked when I bought it. So there’s probably some other issue with it. NBD though, even with the Integra I’d hardly use cruise control unless the roads were completely empty, because with those older cruise control systems it’s hard get it to set on the speed you actually want it to. It’ll drop a few mph after you set it before working, so you have to anticipate the delay to get it to hold the speed you want.


The other day I decided to make V-TEC kick in yo! When I got to about 5 or 6k, the engine started to stumble and loose power and go back to normal. I brushed it off, because it’s not like I’m going to be at 5 or 6k when I’m driving back to Houston, but I got the CEL checked today and it’s a problem with V-TEC. Which is good, because I was worried it might be a fuel or ignition problem that might find it’s way into the lower RPMs.

The oil’s been recently changed and is at the correct level so I don’t think it’s that. The way the engine was kind of stumbling and then making power, leads me to think the oil screen for the V-TEC system is clogged. Since I don’t think an electrical issue would cause that kind of stumbling, it’d probably just cause it to not kick in (yo!) However that’s a problem I can put on the back burner.


Edit: Almost forgot. Today the throttle stuck open today in traffic. I just shut the engine off and pushed down and pulled back on the throttle and restarted it and it was fine. However I went ahead and cleaned the throttle body today also. Apparently the reason I couldn’t open the throttle by hand, was because it was sticking so bad, not because of the cruise control system. However after spraying some brake cleaner and wiping it down I can now open the throttle by hand. And after driving it, it’s much easier to modulate the throttle.

So overall, today was a good day, I didn’t even have to pull out my brake spray. (I did, but I can’t think of any other tool/shop item that rhymes with AK.)

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