Accord update/asking for advice

I’ll go in order of my priorities. First, any recommendations for what I should do to get the steering wheel back to it’s round shape? I have a lace up cover I’m going to put on it and figured that the chunk missing out of it will mess with that (it’s worse than the picture would lead you to belive). I was thinking duck tape, but I’m sure one of y’all can think of a better alternative.

Also, I replaced the 02 sensor today. So the only CEL I have is for the knock sensor. I’m going to get the car inspected tomorrow or maybe this afternoon. I read the TX DOT requirements for inspection and it didn’t say anything about CEL. But it did say that the emissions system has to be up to factory spec (paraphrasing.) The plastic intake hose is JB welded and duck taped together, so do you think that would be an issue? I’ll probably wind up calling a head and asking to be sure. Just wanna hear your thoughts.


Also the radio is in and working (but only one speaker is) I forgot it’s missing the brackets too. The radio came with a DIN bracket, but Honda wasn’t using those yet, so I’m going to have to order a radio bracket for the car. Right now it’s just kind of loosely hanging in there. Also it really doesn’t sound bad or quite with only one speaker. Idk how it would be for passengers, but who cares. I’m not some bourgeois banker who needs FOUR speakers!

Have one of the few country songs I like for your time.

Edit: Ah ha! I found the one that’s actually Garth Brooks.

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