Yep, I decided to hop back on ACI just to see what I missed - been getting quite a lot of limited time aircraft drops than before (I guess I have quite a lot of stocked sortie fuel to burn through) and the F-14A -ZP- feels a lot more precise than ever.

Apart from the lack of AGM support, CAS isn't too bad. I just have to make do with the standard missiles.


Also, this. Damn. Thing.

Illustration for article titled Ace Combat Infinity Antics Part 1

It's a lot more harder to fly into the SOLG without pinballing once. Guess Project ACES managed to get an accurate trajectory for it, so straight-line flying isn't really feasible for this special raid mission. (Also, this is one of the three (or four) SOLG special raid missions similar to the Aigaion/Moby Dick and Stonehenge before it.)

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