This is only news for me, and the whole thing is way past it’s sell-by date, but still.

I have a title of the Race 07 series, Race Injection installed on my PC, and i happen to have the GT Legends Mod also on it. This latter part is not strictly canon, so there’s no support as to car setups. This means that the cars, though beautifully integrated into the game, are nigh-on undrivable with the aid systems off. But there’s a classic Porsche racer, the 911 RSR in there, and i just had to drive that in a proper sim, with my wheel (I have a logitech momo). So I kept coming back to it, and kept getting frustrated with spins and spins and the old girl trying to kill me all the time. I mostly gave up on the whole thing months ago, haven’t turned the wheel at all this year, but yesterday, with all my kids at their grandmothers’ place, I gave it a go. And it turned out as well as i hoped it would be.

I got the 911 RSR driveable. I got it to handle in a way i can master. And i won a race with it, on Mid-Ohio (with the chicane). Against the AI, but to be honest because with all aids off it’s hard to keep these beasts on track, I usually don’t beat the AI. And now I did. With the famously hard-to-drive RSR. Braking before the turns. Rocketing out of the turns on the gas. Using the weight transfer to turn. Stabilizing the car with the go pedal. For a few minutes, I felt like a driving god.

It was a good night.