A while back I set up my Arduino to measure temperature, humidity and light and forward to a website so I could monitor it over time. It was on a breadboard but I wanted to clean it up by building a nice PCB shield. A few weeks ago it arrived from the printer and tonight I had a chance to solder it up. Everything worked!

At the bottom is an Arduino Uno connected to 9V power. Above that is the Arduino wifi shield. My custom shield is on top.

Clockwise from left

  • my PCB
  • straight headers
  • 5mm green status LEDs
  • 2x 220 ohm resistors for LED
  • photocell to measure light
  • 1.5k ohm (I think) resistor for the photocell
  • 1k ohm resistor for the temperature sensor
  • DHT22 temperature and humidity sensor

It’s a small step forward in my mechatronics experience, but I’m rather pleased how everything worked together.


Now, back to cars (here’s a photo from mine)