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A couple months ago I set a goal to double the mileage of my scooter, before the end of this season. The then 9-year old scoot had just under 2900 miles on it when I bought it last July.

I’ve been painfully close to that goal, and while it was awfully chilly this morning (39 degrees), the sun was out and I knew it would be near 60 this afternoon, so I layered up and sent it. The odometer ticked over 5800 miles just before I got to school. Then this afternoon, I cut out right at contract time (something I rarely do), and rode another 30 miles around my favorite twisty neighborhoods. Not a bad way to spend a sunny fall afternoon!


I hope we get a few more warmish days this fall, but if this turns out to be my last ride of the season, it was a damn good one.

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I'd love to roll 6k miles before the cold really sets in, but time will tell. I really don't enjoy riding when it's below 40.

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