The brakes on the S2000 have been feeling a bit vague and squishy lately, and I have no idea of the history of the fluid, so I took advantage of the cool, dry weather to do my first ever brake bleed.

Billman is perhaps the East Coast’s most celebrated S2000 mechanic, and he has a gravity bleed method he uses and recommends, so that’s what I did. I used ATE amber DOT4 fluid.

Usually, when I do something mechanical for the first time, I encounter something unexpected and it freaks me out. This time was no exception: I started the bleed, and it looked like nothing was happening, and at times the fluid was even backing up into the system. I started to panic, but then chilled out and continued on with the procedure. After doing other wheels I figured out that it only looked like it was backing up when I moved the bottle around; the fluid was actually flowing in a trickle down into the bottle.

Took her out for a spin, and success! the pedal was noticeably tighter under hard braking.


I also did an oil change for good measure, and replaced the no-name air cleaner element with OEM goodness.