Since I am now the proud holder of a Level 2 provisional permit, that means I can drive solo. Finally. Since my parents get on my case for any kind of ambitious driving, even taking a right-hand turn at speeds over, oh, say 5 mph, this was my first chance ever to stretch the CR-V's legs. Since it was just a milk run to grab some cat litter, about all I could do was run it through one mildly entertaining road, and one short but very entertaining road.

Then I discovered it was the wrong kind of cat litter.

Going back out, I re-ran those same roads, returned the cat litter, got the correct type, and finally got home to write this article.

And during these travails, I discovered that thanks to the part-time 4WD system, it is an absolute BITCH to get loose. It only got upset when taking right turns onto another road at oh, say, thirty-five, aka above sane-person cornering speed. As far as mannerisms go, it definitely feels better when you treat it gently- ease the brake on, gently swivel the steering 'round, then punch the gas whenever you damn-well please. Since my style of schporty driving is BRAKEturnwaitGAS thanks to too many hours of NFS:PS, this will probably be quite the learning experience.

Go too fast into the corners, and you're understeering. Push the throttle too early out of a corner, and you may get a little chirp from the rear tires, but that's about it.

Anyways, 'till next time.

P. S. Discussions of getting a different used car for me when I go to college have been revived somehow. I've advised that ~$2000 is about the amount of money to pay for, as I put it, a "runner", which seems to be their only qualification for is-it-a-good-car. (My parents are not car people.) So, to Craigslist I go.


P.P.S: Speaking of college, I got accepted to App State. With the Blue Ridge Parkway in the backyard, and the Tail of the Dragon not too far away. And an anime club. And, oh, right, an industrial design degree program, but that doesn't really matter.

I cannot wait for college to begin, weirdly.