Sometime this summer (or fall), we are going to be in the market for a four-wheel-drive something. I say "something", because we'd really like an old pickup truck. It would come in really handy for hauling stuff and general odd jobs we do such as landscaping and yard work during the summer. Right now, we are always having to borrow someone else's truck and that's annoying.

However, for some reason, people around here think trucks are worth their weight in gold. SUVs can be had a lot cheaper. 200,000 mile Ranger with a blown headgasket, $3,000. 150,000 mile Explorer with no major issues? $2,000. No joke. That's how it goes around here, time and time again. It's really weird.

So, if I find a good deal on an old 4x4 SUV, that'd be fine too. I'd end up using it as a truck and hauling lawn mowers, mulch, wife's craft projects, bicycles, etc. anyway.

Condition doesn't bother me. I just don't want anything with major issues such as a metric ton of rust or anything.

I really want a Mazda B-Series, because Mazda-badged Ford Ranger. But they're super rare around here.

Either way, I want whatever we get to be a 4x4 so I can handle the gigantic snowfalls Kentucky seems to get a lot now. Our FWD CX-5 can handle them okay, but I'd rather have a beater truck for that so if an idiot runs into us, I won't have to be too upset.


What does Oppo recommend? Silverado/Sierra? Often too expensive. Ranger/B-Series? Headgasket issues, or so I have heard. S-10/Blazer? 4WD issues, also so I have heard. I am not an expert on any of this since I've always been more of a car guy than a truck guy. Anything old and in my price range (under $4,000) will have problems, but I am of course looking for as few issues as possible.