Actor and Car Buff Edward Herrmann dies at 71

I'm sure many of you heard about the passing of esteemed actor Edward Herrmann earlier today. It was posted over on Gawker and other sites, TMZ appears to be the first to have the news.

While most know Herrmann from his roles on Gilmore Girls and The Lost Boys, I wanted to take a minute and recognize him for being a huge Jalop.


For some people my age (mid-to-late 20s) you may remember him from hosting a show on the History Channel in the late '90s called "Ultimate Autos." Herrmann narrated that show and for me, being a young car enthusiast, it was my first introduction to the names of the great pre-war car brands and their history; Bugatti, Dusenberg, Cord, Packard, etc.

Herrmann's voice always became recognizable to me and no matter what other role I saw him act in I always remembered him as a car guy.

And he wasn't merely signing up to read a script someone else wrote about cars. He actually loved these cars. I found an interview with him from another late '90s-early 'aughts show "Barry Meguiar's Car Crazy"

Herrmann had an affinity for those pre-war machines but he owned an Austin Healy and plenty of other cars as well. He talks about MCing the Pebble Beach Concours and growing up in Detroit.


Herrmann also acted as a spokesperson for Dodge back in the '90s, starring in their commercials for the then-new Durango and Intrepid models, among others.

Here is one of those Dodge spots:

And finally, here is an old episode of Ultimate Autos:

RIP Edward Herrmann, a great actor and car guy. He will be missed.

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