Actual car shopping.

MrsGolem has decided she’s keeping the Soul. That means LittleGolem will need a different car. I figured MrsGolem would want a new Soul. She’s had her eye on a blue one.

Anyways. We have a budget of $2500 out the door. There is no real time frame as LittleGolem doesn’t even have a license yet and even then it’s not a huge deal to continue picking her up after and taking her to practice as we’ve done it for awhile now.


Current criteria:

Must be auto

Must be able to hold her goalie gear (sorry Miata)

Can’t be a Crown Vic (This has been the only suggestion I offered that MrsGolem has outright rejected)


Can’t be a blue Cobalt coupe (I think this would make MrsGolem kill me in my sleep)

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