Actual conversation with my boss this morning

A facepalm in three acts.

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First some quick context. My boss owns a contracting business that works with a package delivery company. He’s been doing this for 20 years and owns about a dozen trucks with two more currently on long term rental from Enterprise. It’s going to snow tomorrow, which was the catalyst for the conversation.


Boss: I’m going to have you drive the rental tomorrow. It has new tires.

Me: Are they snow tires?

Boss: Yes.

Me: ...Are you sure?

Boss: Yeah, Enterprise puts all seasons on all their vans.

Me: .....................

Me: All seasons aren’t snow tires.

Boss: Wait, really?


Boss: Someone showed me the van has a button where you press it and it gives you traction. You can use that.


Me: I showed you that. It was the traction control button, and what I actually said is that turning it OFF can SOMETIMES help you get going in the snow on flat ground.


Boss: I don’t know why they don’t just make all these vans front wheel drive, that way the snow wouldn’t be a problem.


Me: ...I’m leaving now.

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