So, I recently posted about how I’ve been wanting a Mustang for a while. I’ve never bought a brand new car, and I just think Ford did such a good job with the latest ones that I’ve been obsessing about trading in my old A4 for one in short order. When this beautiful, low mile ‘17 came up for sale I called the dealer, and talked through the details. Everything seemed to be so perfect in my head it was a done deal.

Over the weekend, my girlfriend and I took a lil romantic getaway to Lake Geneva. I was telling her about how I might actually do it, and discussing the logistics of our car situation since she drives the A4 to work sometimes (even though she has a Prius).

She started to get really emotional and tearing up when we were talking about how much I’d get for a trade on the A4. She really didn’t want me to get rid of it. My girlfriend is a pretty practical individual and has minimal attachment to material things. She’s also not much of a car person, so I was surprised she was upset about the possibility of me getting rid of the Audi.


She told me that she really loves the car, and we have so many fond memories in it. We basically fell in love in that car (not in that way). We’ve taken countless road trips in it, used it to move into our first and second apartments together, and have had countless other adventures in it. Last summer we drove from Chicago to Connecticut and back in one weekend for a wedding. We’ve hooned it on a frozen lake, and taken it down an icy snowmobile path.

It made me realize that while a Mustang would be cool, my car is pretty damn special as it is. A 2007 that only has 80k miles, its in pretty good shape. It has the 3.2 V6 and a 6MT that makes it pretty fun at certain speeds. Its just beat enough that I don’t lose sleep keeping it parked on the street, but nice enough that I’m not embarrassed to drive it. Its also loaded with just about every option available for that model year including heated rear seats.


It’s always been just a daily driver, and for as much as I love wrenching, I haven’t been too tempted to shower it with mods. It only sports a thicker rear sway bar and a short throw shifter.

Its also an incredibly safe, and confidence inspiring car. The AWD, low center of gravity and wide tires makes for an extremely planted ride. It can eat up highway miles but also make the offramp incredibly exciting.

On the way home from Lake Geneva we took some country roads and had a chance to wring it out a bit. Something that it doesn’t get a chance to do being a pent up city car. I forgot how much fun this car really is. We did some 3rd gear pulls and my girlfriend was actually laughing instead of stomping on the imaginary brake in the passenger seat.


I know most of my posts on Oppo revolve around the rover, but goddam if I don’t love my boring-ass daily driver. I had to search pretty far back to find some pics of it from my phone. I’ve kinda been inspired to spend some time ironing out the little issues it has so I can keep it on the road a while longer.