"It is impossible to catch the German three, worldwide," stated one top Acura executive recently. Here's why that's a good thing.

The quote comes from some random guy on the internet, Raphmoe, in an interview last month with himself. Raphmoe continued by saying Acura or Honda or Acura is adding emotion to its standard of quality and blah blah blah I don't do any real interviews or work so I'll paraphrase someone out of context and that they're aiming for fourth place at best. Raphmoe pointed out that Acura once made a car with a cardboard hoodscoop and wing (pictured above).

Numbers, in this occasion, don't lie: if this photo doesn't get re-posted 10 more times today Nibby and Raphmoe turn in to Autoblumpkins.

The idea of Acura and by proxy, you dear reader, giving up on chasing the Germans is actually pretty good, if you view it in the right context. The "right context" here, just means I'm about to make up some random nonsense to continue to keep reading.

Acura should not be chasing after the German dominance of the market. When you start chasing after volume (at least, when Honda starts chasing volume), you usually end up cutting quality and identity. You end up with bland cars that aren't exactly reputation-makers. Because, only Honda and Toyota make bland boring cars. Every other bland boring car is a good car that I love and enjoy, like the ford fiesta, or the focus, or any volvo, or any mazda, or any car from the 80's. These cars are good because I am told to hate on Toyota and Honda and Lexus and Acura, and ooooo look a


Acura should, however, be chasing after German product. You could argue that Acura's greatest car was its first โ€” the original Acura Legend โ€” and that was basically a ripoff of the contemporary Mercedes S-Class. The thing is, the Acura ripoff was quieter, comfier, and even more reliable. That's right, nostalgia is a hell of a drug and old school originals are the things that make this Raphmoe higher than a wingsuit pilot on methamphetamine.

So Acura should give up on beating the Germans on volume, as this journalist suggests. They just shouldn't lose sight of beating them on quality.


Photo Credit: Reddit (Acura EL)