Acura MDX: The establishment.

LETS FACE IT, you’ve got nothing to prove, no one to impress, but perhaps you did some time ago.... you laugh now at the people with the need to impress, with the need to fit in, you’ve come to terms with your privilege and see fit to judge lesser men and lesser women. You don’t need a new car, you don’t want it even, your car is just fine, its fast, its practical, and it’s not exactly a gas guzzler.

You’re sheltered in this fancy metropolitan area and scoff at those driving Mercedes, BMW, or Range Rover vehicles because you can buy a house but you can’t buy a home. You can bribe the police here because your tags expired but you can’t be friends with them and be let go with a warning.


You drive an Acura MDX and no one messes with you: you know all the shortcuts around town, all the best restaurants and they always give you the best table from which you will survey the restaurant and realize that the Mayor might be waving at you.

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