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Acura thinks going AWD will result in increased sales

Problem is, they're trying to take a page from Subaru's playbook. Acura is not Subaru, and will never be Subaru. I could understand it if they were looking at it from the point of view of 'hey, Audi is doing pretty good with AWD, maybe we should try and see how that works for us'. Problem is, they aren't Audi either. I don't doubt that adding AWD to everything won't increase sales (it will), but doing it for the sake of having AWD strikes me as mindless me tooism.


BMW is 'the ultimate driving machine'
Mercedes is 'the best, or nothing' (and for a long time was associated with 'built to a standard, not a price', even though that wasn't an official marketing line).
Audi is 'truth in engineering'
Lexus is 'the pursuit of perfection'
Acura is...Bueller? Bueller? Bueller?

All of those slogans are subjective, but the public, for the most part, has linked them to their respective brands.

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