It’s crazy quiet, so quiet you wouldn’t even know the car had it! You’ll test drive an RLX and say to the dealer, “Yo, this is so f*cking quiet it has gotta be FWD, yo!” But shhh, AWD. Don’t be telling yo friends about this feature, yo. This one has shhhh...AWD. Whisper that sh*t!

Acura had to develop a “Quiet Mode” for the 2017 NSX because it doesn’t have shhh, AWD (that’s why I’m not buying one new).

So don’t be offended if an Acura owner shushes you out of nowhere, they’re just making sure you know that their AWD is some super secret squirrel sh*it, bro.

But real talk for a second, anytime I need to “shhh” someone or hear someone being “shhh-ed,” I whisper All Wheel Drive afterwards, that way it clears up the rudeness.


I’m still waiting for the next generation of SH-AWD to come out. ShutTheF*CKUp! -AWD is going to be so quiet it’s ironic!