So far as I can work out through hours of reading, nobody has yet attempted taking the HiPer Strut setup from the Buick LaCrosse CXS and Regal GS and modifying it to fit in a different FWD car. For those who aren't familiar with it, this is GM's version of the RevoKnuckle, which is the variation on a Macpherson Strut setup which made the MK2 Focus RS capable of handling over 300 hp/325 tq without torque-steering your elbows off.

The reason I'm looking into this is because I am always looking for an outside-the-box approach to problems, which in this particular case, is a high torque FWD rally car. It looks to me that while the added complexity might introduce new failure points, the benefits of this setup outweigh the negatives. Agility and ability to rapidly change direction is highly important, and the HiPer Strut enables these in addition to nearly eliminating torque steer. I know it would require a lot of fabrication work, but seems to be in the realm of feasible.

What do you think? Anyone here have experience in fabrication or suspension setup?