THERE IS A TLDR ON THE BOTTOM, BUT ITS HELPFUL IF YOU READ IT ALL. Thanks. I promise there will be no more posts of this length from me ever.

So, I was wondering what I would need if I wanted to buy a car from another person. ACcording to NJ's MVC site (here), I need a signed title, proof of insurance, and proof of sales tax payment. Signed title, and proof of insurance is easy to get. I get the car hitch it to a trailer, and boom. Off I go. Where the hell do I get a proof of sales tax payment? Seriously, The guy is selling a 800 dollar 300zx, and if I can't show a reciept or bank statement, then I pay more. He won't have a reciept because its another person, and I don't have a bank account (though, I could ask my parents to turn my cash into a cashier's check; that would count right?). But after that, where the hell do I pay this sales tax?

Also, according to the site on Uhaul, "All towing is subject to inspection. You will need to contact a U-Haul location to schedule a vehicle pre-tow inspection prior to the rental." The thing is, I'm going to contact the guy, look at the car, make a deal, give him cash, and leave it parked until I can go out to the nearest uHaul, and get a trailer, and then bring it back. I can't get it inspected.

Seriously guys, how the hell do I move this car? And it's not like this car is down the street. It's more like, 70 miles away from me (central jersey, to atlantic city). Is there any easier way to get it to my house? Anyone know where I can get a cheaper trailer rental (including the truck, I don't have a truck that can hitch up to a trailer).

I don't want to take the chance of driving with no registration/insurance.

TLDR: I want to buy a project car, but don't have a trailer to get it home, meaning I'd have to rent, but the rental guys have to inspect the car loaded, and it's pretty expensive to get it home. I also can't drive it home because I wouldn't have insurance/salestax/registration the day of purchase.