Adding Some Contrast, and a New Name For The Truck

It was a nice day the other day, so I decided to paint my wheels. $15 worth of Powerfist Anti-rust gloss black later, and it looks mint. Sure, there are runs and a little wrinkling, but it sort-of fits the truck.

Project Workable Workhorse was way too long and pretentious of a name, so I’ve decided to name it after a song.

Introducing Project Skumtruk. The idea? Make this $1750 truck cool again. If you guys have any ideas for mods under $150, let me know in the comment section below.


In other news, I changed most fluids and filters (save for ATF, trans filter, and brake fluid) and it runs much happier now. A new rad cap and thermostat will help with my plans for this summer. Otherwise, it’s just throw gas in her, and let the miles roll by. What more could you want for $1750?

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