As you know, we have two Durangos. One as a parts vehicle, the other fixing to be registered and run on the road. Well, guess what?

We’re getting our third first-gen Durango. Another one, also with the 4.7 V8, a 2000, nearly identical to the 2000 I already have. The other first gen we have is a 2002. Again, a 4.7. Why, you ask? Well, for one it’s dirt cheap at $300. For two, it has absolutely NO rust. A first-gen Durango on the east coast, with no rust? It’s a unicorn! The problem? It won’t start. Likely a fuel pump. It suddenly shut off when the original owner was driving it, and is getting very little fuel pressure. But we have other Durangos, and Dodge trucks of the same vintage we can raid. For the price, why the hell not?


Yeah, mismatched wheels? So what? A good deal is a good deal.

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