So I was replacing the rear window in the convertible top of my Z3... it zips into a fabric surround, which is stitched to the inside of the main top. While trying to push a metal clamp through the fabric, I accidentally tore a small hole in the seam. The tear is only a few inches long, so I’m going to sew it up myself, but first I need to know which adhesive to seal up the inside of the seam with.

I didn’t find much on the forums, as there wasn’t much out there pertaining to my specific issue, and what I did find was pretty vague. I tried contacting 3M, but they weren’t really helpful, and they kept trying to push a spray adhesive even though I told them it was just for a spot treatment.

So, uh, anyone here got any ideas? Would straight up gorilla glue work? Keep in mind, this is fabric-to-fabric, not fabric-to-plastic or rubber. I’d post a picture, but I forgot to take one before I put the removable hardtop on... whoops.