It’s hard to believe that I’ve put over 16,000 miles in the year and a half I’ve owned this thing! The idle didn’t seem right and it started to even seem a bit down on power.

The story of buying my “dream car” is here:

Our Honeymoon car camping roadtrip:

I’d waited too long to adjust them! Damnit! There is something about adjusting valves on a car like this that scares me a bit. If you get it wrong you could hurt something that you can’t afford to fix or replace. Working on our old FJ40 was so much more simple. Everything is easy to reach.


So, I drained the oil on Monday night and let it drip until last night. I contorted myself and dreamt of one day having a lift... or maybe just walls on my carport to do this kind of work. All in all it wasn’t that bad. I even bought a little tool to do the adjustment which made it much more simple than trying to get feeler gauges into where they needed to go.

So, the tool sits on the rocker arm and then the big nob is where you adjust the valve clearance.


You loosen the lock nut and then spin the large knob until there is 0.00 space/lash. Then you back it off the pre-marked .1mm that is the correct distance for each intake/exhaust valve.

Gotta love the stickers on a Porsche


As you rotate the engine through it’s cycle you get each one done and then you can be reasonably sure the measurement is correct instead of using the “feel” method. On a straight 6 the feel method is easy because everything is so accessible. On a flat 6 the location is so difficult to reach that I worry that the feel will be different on each one and therefore the variance could be too big!



Riveting photos of me trying to crawl into the engine bay I know...

The absolute best part of working on anything is the test drive. Well, assuming you don’t hear any horrible noises the best part is the test drive. At first I heard a noise that my brain said was similar to a knock, but different. It just ended up being the oil pump working to get oil back into all of the spots it needs to be so it was alright. (Why I didn’t notice this on every other oil change? I wasn’t just messing with the valves usually)


We putted around and hopped on the freeway. The rough idle that shook the car (When I first bought it I thought this was normal) was gone. It was a smooth as a sewing machine again. Power was back to normal and I enjoyed a few triumphant freeway on-ramp WOT’s before heading home.

Phew, I worked on it, made it better, and didn’t hurt it. Great success!