I locked myself out of the cargo Fargo in a place not unlike this photo.

Illustration for article titled Admission of stupidity/Proof of resourcefullness.

Keys in the ignition, phone in the car. (At least it wasn’t running this time) Last time this happened I had a rag and 2 bic lighters. I was on a fairly travelled highway and got half a dozen people to stop. (folks are pretty nice in Sask, break down in a classic car? Just put the hood up and it will attract farmers who WANT to fix it for you, just because.) I used the rag to pull back the door corner, inserted the bic to hold the gap open and when a highway worker stopped, I was able to borrow a stiff piece of wire from their tool box, hit the power lock button, and was on my way.


This was not a well travelled road. All buildings, powerlines, and hope was somewhere past the horizon (in Sask the horizon is far away, coming into Regina, there’s a sign that says “Regina 22 KMyou can see downtown from that sign.)

So I’m alone with my thoughts, my problem, and 30,000 acres of wheat and lentils. (Take a stroll through a field of lentils if you like a challenge) No bic lighter, because healthy choices. I have my hat and my wallet. (and some commercial lithuim batteries, which you shoudn’t wedge a door open with even if similar to bic lighter) So I jam my hat brim in the door corner and insert my wallet in the gap to hold the corner open. I own a couple of kinds of break in kits (being a somewhat professional car person) they are 2.5 hours away. My first attempt was to use a skinny tree branch. All that did was mess up my door rubbers.

No one has driven by. With trees not being of any use I turned my attention to the only other thing there: barbed wire fence. Now the barbed wire part will, I assume, wreck your Fargo’s door rubbers even worse than cramming sticks through them. If you walk a barbed wire fence far enough there will eventually come to a corner. Corners traditionally have turnbuckles made of thicker, non barbed wire. It took half an hour but I was able to untie and break off a 3 foot section of stiff wire, and spend the mile walk back straightening it out.

Back at the Fargo, I slid the piece of wire into the gap my wallet was holding open, and bumped the power lock button (whilst scratching the paint in my doorjamb) and was on my way. The hat, the branch and the turnbuckle are still on my passenger seat.


         Learn from my tale of woe and put a hide-a-key under your car somewhere,  I probably won’t, but it would be smart.  

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