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The sentiment below is a serious historical military training fact, not some trumped up biased nonsense. Shooting and emphasizing reflexive firing at man-shaped targets has made people shift from a reflexive inability to harm others to a reflexive opposite.

Something something blah blah videogames. Not the point I was trying to make. There also could be something to be said for training police the same as military. But that seems a touch more obvious.

Perhaps it’s because the root is part of the kinja overview that I can’t help but view their headlines. Not going to bash in accordance with oppo rules. But as a gun hobbyist, I couldn’t help but think of something.

The stereotypical target for this type of training is a black silhouette on a white background. This isn’t for racist reasons, this is just for ease of use as well as printing costs, as people will traditionally stand out against less noticeable backgrounds.


My point isn’t that racism does or doesn’t exist. My point is that perhaps given how shockingly easy people are to train, both reflexively and subconsciously, perhaps some consideration should be made that skin color is naturally in a sort of near-grayscale. A change to say, red and blue or maybe a forest green target or somesuch isn’t a difficult change to make. Just my one psychology course talking. Don’t take my ramblings too seriously.