Illustration for article titled Adorably Horrible: The Zwickau P70.

Here’s a car where pretty much all of the information I can find about it says that it’s utterly horrible in every way. The Zwickau P70, produced from 1955 to 1959, was the successor of the IFA F8, and the precursor to the Trabant. It shares it’s two-stroke engine with the F8, and similarly to the Trabant, it features a body made of Duroplast. It also featured almost no dampening in the suspension; most of them (even the wagons) had no trunk lid, making the luggage area difficult and inconvenient to access; and most people complained that the engine was noisy and under-powered. It was generally agreed to be a rolling dumpster fire of a car. As bad a reputation as the Trabant has, it seems that it was actually an improvement over the Zwickau. However... Look at the thing!!!

Illustration for article titled Adorably Horrible: The Zwickau P70.

These things are freakin’ adorable! How can you not love that face? They look like they just drove out of a cartoon. I can’t help but like these because they’re just too darn cute. I want to dunk it in my coffee. Though maybe not for too long, because that might not be good for the car. What would the long term effect of submerging a car in coffee be, anyway? Whatever the case, I like the Zwickau P70.

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